Solidifying Business Direction and Strategies

Description of Work

Business direction and strategies are the “north star” of an organization. They help staff move in the right direction, make excellent decisions, and take actions to achieve organizational goals. Virtually everyone agrees that it’s essential to determine the best direction and then create superlative strategies to reach those destinations. This is much easier said than done though, especially in highly competitive industries and during times of uncertainty like the present.

Examples of Related Work Successfully Completed by Critical Change

  • Facilitated strategy-setting processes for numerous companies and business units, resulting in business directions that have helped those organizations thrive.
  • Assisted leaders at numerous companies to gain staff buy-in when directions and strategies needed to change.
  • Designed tools to assist leaders in optimizing direction under uncertain conditions.
  • Designed and guided a process for staff at a corporation to reinvent a previously successful product when a competitor’s advances shrank sales; created a product that regained significant market share.
  • Assisted executives in articulating and reinforcing corporate vision and business strategies. Linked regional and team goals to those strategies, enabling employees to see the contribution their work was making to the company.
  • Created and facilitated large-scale regional forums for leaders and employees to engage in robust dialogue regarding goals; resulted in increased employee commitment and the development of local best practices.

Critical Change can guide you to build or reinvent business direction and strategies, and assist you to engage in rich conversations with employees about that direction. Contact us to explore how we can help strengthen your directions and your employee commitment to them.

Inventing Business Direction and Strategies

Questions to Help You Assess Your Business Direction and Strategies

  • What key business challenges do you face?
  • Do you adjust business direction and strategies when conditions indicate changes are needed?
  • Do you focus on customer desires? Is customer satisfaction diligently measured and passionately pursued?
  • When you make changes, do employees understand and accept the reasons?