Building Leadership Excellence

Description of Work

Companies need leaders with the right shared values and key competencies to fit the culture, hit the ground running, and perform their job well, while challenging themselves and others to entertain new ideas and go in new directions as warranted. This is a lot to ask. In order to achieve this, leaders need opportunities to expand perspectives and skill sets, and assistance to remain passionate about their work and the organization.

Examples of Related Work Successfully Completed by Critical Change

  • Guided the hiring of leaders who demonstrated strength in areas that bolstered current organizational weaknesses, at numerous firms.
  • Increased the ability of leaders to collaborate to meet goals, to create effective cultures, to take a systems view, and to clarify decision making, at many companies.
  • Presented keynote addresses, innovative ideas, and status reports to C level executives and Boards at a wide variety of organizations.
  • Created and delivered individual and group coaching and training to enhance vital management skills of current leaders at a large number of companies. And on-boarded leaders joining organizations.
  • Conducted hundreds of multi-rater assessments with leaders. Assisted those leaders in interpreting their results and developing plans to increase abilities.
  • Assisted a General Manager in creating one of the highest performing divisions in the company.
  • Selected to become a national trainer of management skills in 1984. Have continued to create, deliver, evaluate, and revise corporate training since that time.

Critical Change is seasoned in augmenting the capability of leaders to achieve superior results. Call us to discuss how we can help you increase leadership bench strength.

Questions to Help You Assess Leadership Capabilities

  • Do you have a sufficiently deep bench of seasoned and highly qualified leaders?
  • Do leaders’ formal and informal actions and messages reinforce direction and strategies?
  • As staff and teams grow and mature, do leadership skills and behaviors at your organization change appropriately?
  • How are leaders viewed by staff in your organization?
  • Do leaders remove roadblocks and enable staff to achieve higher levels of performance?
Building Leadership Excellence