Launching and Sustaining Collaboration

Description of Work

There is a growing realization that teams can no longer function in silos. Leaders have become increasingly aware of the need for better collaboration between individuals, teams, and divisions in order to achieve goals. They know they need to create targeted collaboration efforts that further the achievement of business goals without slowing the speed of decision making or the delivery of products and services.

Examples of Related Work Successfully Completed By Critical Change

  • Partnered with leaders and staff in two Fortune 200 companies (over 14 years) to increase success of cross group collaboration and achievement of business goals.
  • Discovered that collaboration problems thought to be localized between three teams actually involved seven teams and threatened mission-critical work. Worked with those seven teams to identify and resolve root causes of the problems.
  • Guided the resolution of longstanding disagreements that had impeded two business groups in collaborating to bring a product to market.
  • Designed and guided a process to coalesce five separate work groups into a merged business unit.
  • Key team leader for a company-wide initiative aimed at improving cross group collaboration throughout the corporation.
  • For several years, was called-in to help resolve various management/employee collaboration problems, when internal employees needed additional expertise.
  • Assessed collaboration between departments and with community residents; made recommendations for improving those cross group relationships.
  • Created and implemented a program for a corporation to change the way employees, union, and management collaborated. This initiative was so successful it was emulated in most other regions throughout the United States.

Launching and sustaining effective collaboration often requires assistance from someone with expertise in this arena. Critical Change has two decades experience developing successful collaboration efforts. Contact us to discuss how we can guide you in designing customized collaboration processes that meet your needs.

Questions to Help You Assess Collaboration

  • Are leaders committed to overall organizational goals, and do they work well together to achieve those goals?
  • Do employees recognize the need for cross group collaboration, or do they believe that work can be completed more effectively by simply moving teams with interdependencies under the same leader?
  • Do collaboration efforts achieve needed results, or do they fall short? If they fall short, do you understand the root causes of the problems?
  • Do you take effective action to resolve collaboration issues when they arise?
Launching and Sustaining Collaboration